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    Curb Appeal Checklist

    Ideas To Make It Clean

    • Hose down the house and hardscaping
    • Brush sidewalks
    • Sweep cobwebs
    • Wash windows, especially front door windows
    • Wipe down the door, trim, and handles
    • Replace any burnt-out light bulbs, wipe down light fixtures
    • Move garbage cans and recycling bins to the side of house or out of sight
    • Box up all kids toys
    • Clean up any evidence of pets
    • Rake leaves
    • Weed & prune landscaping
    • Edge the sidewalk & driveway
    • Shake out or remove entry door mat
    • Wipe down the mailbox
    • Touch up paint if needed (especially front door trim)

    Ideas To Make It Appealing

    • Add seating area to the porch
    • Flowers / foliage added to front areas
    • New door mat
    • Install landscape lighting
    • Add lifestyle accent pieces

    Ideas To Make It Memorable

    • Paint the front door with a pop of color
    • Full flower pots overflowing with a single color
    • Bold new door mat
    • Replace light fixture with something updated and eye-catching
    • Add an architectural accessory
    • Try a bold color or patterned area rug under the outdoor seating area

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