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How To Succeed In Working From Home

Though many businesses have had to temporarily close their doors due to the sudden spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), some professionals (ie; Realtors, Sales, Computer-based positions) are still able to function relatively well by working remotely.

To succeed in working from home, you must first start with a schedule and discipline. It’s super easy to become sidetracked based on the things happening around you. First thing’s first, find a place in your home with very little traffic and set up shop.

Make sure you don’t have a television in this room! (You don’t typically have a TV at the office sitting on your desk.. same rules apply!)

Now, let’s create a realistic schedule!

7:30 AM- Wake/Prepare For Your Day (Make Sure To Eat Breakfast!)

8:00 AM- Get To Your Makeshift Desk (Or Actual Desk) and begin preparing for your workday

From here, you will need to set aside time blocks for all of your daily tasks. Since we all may be working remotely for a while, it may be a good idea to add these tasks to your schedule as a recurring event for a set time daily. Make sure you have enough time set aside to complete each task.

Don’t forget to schedule a time for a lunch break! This will help your day run as it normally would, without you getting sidetracked and working through a break. During your break, take a step outside and enjoy some fresh air. Step away from your computer or laptop so that you aren’t tempted to work.

All of your daily tasks can still be managed and accomplished with time management and prioritizing!

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