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Marie Kondo- Organization 101

Ever look through your closet or drawers and think, maybe this could look a little better? How about, “This will never fit all of my things.” Have no fear! Marie Kondo invented the KonMari Method of folding. This saves you space and keeps all of your things neatly organized and compact. Our Lead Buyers Specialist, Jordan Sibley, took on the Marie Kondo- Konmari challenge with not only her things, but, husband and Team Owner John Sibley’s things as well!

The show can be found on  Netflix.

Marie has strategic instructions on organizing everything from an intimates drawer to a junk drawer.


How To Fold A Long Sleeved Shirt- The Marie Kondo Way

To do this, she says to gather up every single article of clothing you own and put it in one big pile. (If you happen to own a huge amount of clothing and putting it all together in a pile doesn’t seem realistic, try taking out every article from one category of clothing at a time– all of the tops at once, all of the dresses at once, all of the pants at once, etc.)

*If your shirt falls over, it could mean that the rectangle is too wide, or the height of your folds in Step 2 or Step 3 is too high or too low. Experiment with folding your shirt until you get it to stand upright, an accomplishment that Marie Kondo calls the “golden point of folding.”


How To Fold Jeans The Marie Kondo Method

Folding Jeans: Little To No Closet Space

I know. You’re thinking why in the world would I fold my jeans when I could simply hang them up? Consider not having as much closet space as you once did. You would be forced to make do with what you have. Now, consider attempting a traditional method of folding and having a drawer full of jean.

A nightmare? Possibly.













Check out the Netflix series for more Marie Kondo tips!

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