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    Moving Up to Your Dream Home? Don’t Wait!

    By Keeley Ryan | May 17, 2018

    Mortgage interest rates have risen by more than half of a point since the beginning of the year, and many assume that if mortgage rates rise, home values will fall. History, however, has shown this not to be true. Where are home values today compared to the beginning of the year? While rates have been... Read More

    Renters Under 50 Want to Buy a Home!

    By Keeley Ryan | May 16, 2018

    Every year, the New York Federal Reserve publishes the results of their Survey of Consumer Expectations (SCE). Each survey covers a wide range of topics including inflation, labor market, household finance, credit access and housing. One of the many questions asked in the housing section of the survey was: Assuming you had the financial resources... Read More

    Access: An Important Factor in Getting Your House SOLD!

    By Keeley Ryan | May 15, 2018

    So, you’ve decided to sell your house. You’ve hired a real estate professional to help you through the entire process, and they have asked you what level of access you want to provide to your potential buyers. There are four elements to a quality listing. At the top of the list is Access, followed by... Read More

    Homeownership: “A Man Is Not a Complete Man, Unless He Owns a House”

    By Keeley Ryan | May 14, 2018

    The famous quote by Walt Whitman, “A man is not a whole and complete man, unless he owns a house and the ground it stands on,” can be used to describe homeownership in America today. The Census revealed that the percentage of homeowners in America has been steadily climbing back up since hitting a 50-year low in 2016.... Read More

    3 Tips for Making Your Dream of Owning a Home a Reality [INFOGRAPHIC]

    By Keeley Ryan | May 11, 2018

    Some Highlights: Setting up an automatic savings plan that saves a small amount of every check is one of the best ways to save without thinking much about it. Living within a budget right now will help you save money for down payments while also pay... Read More

    5 Ways Tax Reform Has Impacted the 2018 Housing Market

    By Keeley Ryan | May 10, 2018

    Starting late last year, some predicted that the 2018 tax changes would cripple the housing market. Headlines warned of the potential for double-digit price depreciation and suggested that buyer demand could drop like a rock. There was even sentiment that homeownership could lose its coveted status as a major component of the American Dream.  Now... Read More

    Real Estate Tops Best Investment Poll for 5th Year Running

    By Keeley Ryan | May 9, 2018

    Every year, Gallup surveys Americans to determine their choice for the best long-term investment. Respondents are given a choice between real estate, stocks/mutual funds, gold, savings accounts/CDs, or bonds. For the fifth year in a row, real estate has come out on top as the best long-term investment! This year’s results showed that 34% of... Read More

    Home Inspections: What to Expect

    By Keeley Ryan | May 8, 2018

    So you made an offer, it was accepted, and now your next task is to have the home inspected prior to closing. Oftentimes, agents make your offer contingent on a clean home inspection. This contingency allows you to renegotiate the price you paid for the home, ask the sellers to cover repairs, or even, in some... Read More

    What If I Wait Until Next Year to Buy a Home?

    By Keeley Ryan | May 7, 2018

    We recently shared that national home prices have increased by 6.7% year-over-year. Over that same time period, interest rates have remained historically low which has allowed many buyers to enter the market. As a seller, you will likely be most concerned about ‘short-term price’ – where home values are headed over the next six months. As a buyer,... Read More

    50% of Homes Sold in 30 Days in March [INFOGRAPHIC]

    By Keeley Ryan | May 4, 2018

    Some Highlights: The National Association of REALTORS® recently surveyed their members for their Confidence Index. The REALTORS® Confidence Index is a key indicator of housing market strength based on a monthly survey sent to over 50,000 real estat... Read More