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Quarterly Home Maintenance Checklists

Your home is one of the largest investments you can make. Taking the time to interpret quarterly home maintenance routines will ensure your biggest investment is in tip-top shape at all times, running smoothly and looking as good as new. Here are some home maintenance tips specifically for our Louisiana homes that will keep you ahead of the game.



From LHBA:

Indoor Home Maintenance: 

  • (AC) Change air filters regularly to keep heating and cooling systems running properly. Refer to your specific model number for the frequency of air filter changes.
  • “Clean or replace your HVAC filters, this should be done once a month or periodically depending on your filter type. Dirty filters can cause your furnace to run less efficiently, which means higher bills, poor heat output, and excess wear and tear on your unit. You should have filters serviced annually at the very least, and more often if your tenants have pets or you live in a windy or wildfire-prone area.”
  • (Sink) Maintain garbage disposal (cold water rinse) If you’re looking to do a detailed clean, a baking soda and vinegar rinse will do the job!
  • (Fireplace) Get a certified technician to do a chimney sweep on your fireplace. Also, try to store your firewood outside and off of the ground. Be sure to build your fire on the grate, never on the fireplace floor.
  • (Flooring) This is dependent upon the flooring type.
  • (Walls) “Masonry walls sometimes develop a white powdery substance. This is called efflorescence, a crystallized soluble salt that can be removed by scrubbing with water and a stiff brush.”
  • (Security) Regularly check home security systems and circuit breakers. Change batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • (Insulation) One of the causes of raised heating bills during the wintertime is poor insulation. “There are many types of weatherstripping, so it’s important to identify air leaks and choose the right material to seal each one.” You can check insulation levels in attics and walls to determine if you need to add insulation or make other energy-efficient repairs.

Outdoor Home Maintenance:

  • (Roofing) Get a qualified roofer to check your roof every 3 years, along with gutters and downspouts. Dispose of debris and leaves that pile-up.
  • (Yard) Trim back branches and overgrown landscaping, especially if they are hanging near your roof.
  • (Siding) Inspect siding yearly
  • (Windows/ Doors) Check caulking to see if it is cracked or needs replacement.
  • “For a simple solution to wash extremely dirty exterior windows, combine equal parts vinegar and water or three tablespoons of denatured alcohol per quart of warm water. Use a piece of crumpled newspaper to wash the glass to avoid lint left behind by paper towels.”
  • (Garage) Oil moving parts to garage doors quarterly

Do you have home a home maintenance tip that you don’t see here? Contact us! We’ll add it in.



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