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Selling With A Plan… A Floor Plan!

It is said that a photo is worth a thousand words. When it comes to real estate, a floor plan is worth ten-thousand words.

A floor plan showcases the entire home in a 2D scaled diagram, with exact dimensions, shown from above. It helps viewers identify the traffic pattern and physical features of a home.

Floor Plan

Floor plans answer buyers’ questions upfront.

Home buyers always have questions remaining after viewing a home online (or even in person), particularly if they are seriously considering purchasing the home. A floor plan helps to answer many questions, and can put a prospective buyer’s mind at ease when they are able to more easily view the layout of a home. Is one bedroom bigger than the other? What about privacy or noise aspects? These questions can easily be answered by a well presented floor plan diagram.

Many home buyers are looking for specific layout features that fit their family needs – i.e. a home office, play room, or master bedroom on the first floor. Knowing the layout upfront could allow a prospective buyer to appreciate more of the unique elements of the home.

Floor plans help buyers use their imagination.

Knowing the interior dimensions of a listing can help buyers visualize living or staying in the home. By including a floor plan in your listing, you give buyers more information than just the photos. This results in buyers being able to use their imagination and see themselves using the space.

In the age of digital experiences and virtual showings, a floor plan diagram can be a key factor that instantly moves a home to the top of a buyer’s list.

Once people make an emotional connection with a listing, they are more likely to pursue it. By laying the foundation for buyers to picture themselves in the home, sellers are increasing their chances of converting potential buyers from interested to sold!

Floor plans provide buyers with transparency.

Floor plans bring more transparency to listings, as photos and property descriptions can be deceiving and leave out important information. In some instances, key details are often overlooked when viewing the listing photos alone. Without getting the chance to “walk through” the listing, prospective buyers may not see key features important to them. For example, a “3 bedroom” home might only have 3 bedrooms, but includes a bonus room and study. Without a floor plan, these features may not be obvious from a quick glance at the details.

A buyer recently said, “Floor plans reduce wasted time for me and the sellers living in the house because it eliminates the need to look at properties that don’t fit my needs.”

A floor plan can help to provide factual detail and is a win-win for both buyers and sellers.

The Sibley Group includes a professionally developed floor plan diagram for every house we sell.  This is just one of the reasons our listings sell for more money and in less time than the completion!

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