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    Top 5 Home Decor Trends For 2020

    Looking to get a jump start on some of the top expected home decor trends of the next decade?

    (That felt amazing to say)



    Check out these trends that some of our favorite interior decor bloggers expect to pop.

    1. Bringing Black Back To The Kitchen

    A once unthought-of color to introduce to the kitchen of modern homes, black cabinets and countertops will now be expected to bring a chic touch to even the most compact kitchens. What are your thoughts?















    2. Painted Ceiling Accents

    Taking things a step further than adding beautiful artwork and designs to your walls-Painting The Ceiling! Adding bright, fun pieces to make lighting fixtures stand out or just to lighten things up a bit!















    3. Feeling Blue

    We’re adding vibrant colors to living and dining areas in 2020. Painting accent walls bold colors create a sociable space in your home. (Consider colored velvet or suede pieces to add color and texture!) Source








    4. Luxury Ranges

    Who doesn’t love a beautifully designed luxury range? This home trend has been appearing all over home decor blogs and websites. Looking to make some small yet impactful changes to your kitchen? This may be the one for you. Browse through some luxury ranges here.













    5. Mauve

    Something we’ve seen popping up A LOT has been the very retro and very classic mauve reappearing into bedrooms and accent pieces. This hue (when considering how colors change moods) has been attached to the importance of tenderness and softness.
















    Now that you’ve gotten a jump start on some of the trends that interior decorators have been ranting and raving over, which will you be interpreting into your home? Check out some of these homes that are currently on the market for other home decor ideas!


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