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    Gentilly Real Estate

    The up and coming neighborhood of Gentilly has a stock of 19th-century shotgun houses, 20th-century bungalows, and ranch houses. Enjoy the annual Jazz and Heritage Fest as well as the Gentilly Fest right in your neighborhood.




    Bounded by Lake Ponchatrain, Bayou St. John and France Road, Gentilly is home to lots of New Orleanians. This neighborhood is quiet when compared to areas like Mid City and Uptown due to the lack of tourist attractions. There is one historic event that has been hosted in Gentilly since 1970, which is the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival which is hosted sometime between April and May. The developing areas and changes in architecture are making this neighborhood a true site to see.

    Conveniently located near downtown NOLA with easy access to I-10 and Metairie, Gentilly has great qualities that are near the party- but far away enough to not disturb those who prefer a more calm environment.


    History of Gentilly: 

    Alexander Milne, a Scottish footman, who landed in the United States just before 1776, made a fortune from first a hardware business and then from brick making. He believed that future development would be along Lake Pontchartrain. He bought a large expanse of swampy real estate in this area. By 1830 he owned most of the lakeshore. Milne was right in his prediction. But even with the existence of the London Avenue Canal and the building of the Pontchartrain Railroad (Elysian Fields Avenue), it was not enough to draw homesteaders to the area. Throughout the 1800s, the railroad, that connected the city to Lake Pontchartrain, brought crowds of people from the city to the Milneburg resort in Lake Terrace/Lake Oaks neighborhood. A railway station was at the intersection of Gentilly Boulevard and Elysian Fields, where the railroad intersected Bayou Sauvage on the Darcantel Plantation ( 


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