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Metairie Real Estate

Metairie is home to the New Orleans Saints Practice Facility, two shopping malls, and the most traditional New Orleans cuisine. Enjoy drinks, food, and local fun in this suburban area.

Take a step away from the lively life of New Orleans and enter into Metairie, the first suburb of New Orleans, LA located between NOLA and Kenner. Add riding down The World’s Longest Bridge to your bucket list and take a drive down the twin span, 24 miles long Lake Ponchatrain Causeway. Enjoy Old Metairie and the historic buildings with shopping and food. If you’re looking to party, the night clubs and bars are located in “Fat City” which is Metairie’s commercial district.

A Few of Our Favorite Local Restaurants:

Boulevard American Bistro, Bobby Herbert’s Cajun Cannon, Parran’s (Paw-rans) Po-Boys, Drago’s Seafood Restaurant, Acme Oyster House, Chef Ron’s Gumbo Shop, City Greens,

Local Fun:

Ultimate Outdoor Play, Posh Paint Club, Family Gras, Lafreniere Park, Adventure Quest Laser Tag, Surge Trampoline Park, New Orleans Lakefront

Night Life:

Loft18 Metairie, Winston’s Pub & Patio, 22nd Street Lounge, The Flagstick, JB’s Fuel Dock, The Max, Martine’s Lounge, Where Ya At Friends & Spirits


Lakeside Shopping Center, Clearview Mall, Lucy Rose, Hemline, FeBe, Em’s Boutique, Bella Bella, Le Jouet, Tuesday Morning

History of Metairie: 

“Metairie Ridge was settled by the French in the early1760s before the colony was ceded to Spain by the Treaty of Paris in 1763. The land remained under Spanish control through 1801, when it came back under French control once again. Napoleon sold the territory to the United States two years later with the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Jefferson Parish was officially established as a governmental unit in 1825 (”

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