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Eliminate Paperwork With Electronic Signatures: Convenience, Privacy & Security

Electronic Signature

The Sibley Group offers a completely paperless option for clients that prefer a digital real estate experience.

  • Our electronic signature platform allows you to review and sign documents online.
  • No need to worry with printing, scanning, or faxing anything!

Convenient & Easy To Use

Our system is compatible with any wifi enabled phone, tablet, or computer. Our clients have signed documents from a deer stand, flying across the country at 35,000 feet, and even on a boat in the middle of the ocean.

Buyers are able to submit offers on our listings completely online. This makes it easy for buyers to purchase our listings. Our seller clients love the ease of electronic signatures.

Our Buyer clients are able to review and sign offers more quickly when time is of the essence.

Electronic signatures and our paperless process is more environmental friendly, eliminating the need to print multiple copies of contracts and disclosure documents related to the real estate transaction.

Legally Recognized

Electronic signatures are recognized by both federal and state law.

The “Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act” (“E-SIGN Act”) is a more than 10-year-old federal law that validates electronic signatures in transactions affecting interstate or foreign commerce. The law establishes that electronic signatures and digital contracts are valid and may not be denied legal effect.

Privacy & Security

Electronic signatures provide greater privacy and security. Every signature is certified and verified to include a unique signature ID, time and date, information about the signer, IP address from the signer’s location and more.

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